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Privacy Policy

Personal Information Collected

We will collect information in the following manner:

  1. When you provide an email address for us to send you news and updates, we will store that email address together with the language that was used to display the page, so any information sent to that email address may be provided in the same language where possible.
  2. We will verify the email address by sending a single email to it, containing links to the website: one to verify that the address is correct, and one to reject the email and remove it from the mailing list.
  3. Any time we ask you to provide a name or age, these are optional and you may omit them or substitute any alternative text.

  4. The Use of Personal Information

    We will use the information you provide in these ways:

    1. We may send you service or promotional material through email. We will not send promotional material to email addresses that have not been verified or have been unsubscribed.
    2. If you provide a name or age along with a picture uploaded via the activity page and we display your picture on the website or related social media sites (e.g. pinterest) we may show the name and age provided with the picture.
    3. Uploaded pictures showing user-identifiable information including faces will be deleted and not used in any way.
    4. If you provide a name or age as part of any promotion related to one of our games, it will not be used for any other purpose.
    5. The website is within the European Union and therefore the website and the database will be subject to all relevant EU regulations. Personal information will not be transferred outside the EU for any purpose except as necessary for the uses listed above.

    We will not sell, rent or otherwise provide personally identifiable information to third parties.

    Whatever personal data is obtained from you will not viewable to other users of the site without your consent.

    Cookie Policy

    A cookie, also known as an HTTP cookie, web cookie or browser cookie, is used for an origin website to send certain information to a User’s browser and for the browser to return the state information to the origin site. The state information can be used for authentication, identification of a User session, User’s preferences, or anything else that can be accomplished through storing text data.

    Playwinxclub uses only the following cookies on our website:

    1. Google analytics cookies that are used to analyse traffic to the website.

      1. Security

        Personal Information you provide will be secured in accordance with industry standards and technology. We will always endeavour to take appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure we have mitigated against such risks as loss of data, unauthorised access, destruction and modification or disclosure of data.

        If Users have questions or concerns regarding the Privacy Policy you may contact playwinxclub by going through the Contact link on our website.